Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Full Wolfstress

Slept in until almost 5am. Victory. It must have been the full wolf moon, or a touch of the aconitum. I dreamed of being lost in the wilderness, wandering restlessly in my sleep, rainwater in footprints. There were people there also, moving through the woods; reflections rising from the past, momentarily escaping it. Worn apparitions shaken loose, moonlight stealing through the trees.

The phrase "old friends" has become redundant. 

I awoke with wolf-cock. It had transformed into a hideous thing, consumed with bloodlust. It was still in its shapeshifter phase, pulsing with satanic greed; the physical embodiment of a howl trapped in flesh. My energy was given over to it. A demoness danced inside, a knob goblin.

The waking dream I had was of a girl, naked in the forest. She was arresting, and something else, also. She reminded me, charmed me. My dream kept drawing her closer. Yes.

I woke before she was able to fall in love with me, saving her blonde dream pride for another time.

A dash of guilt crossed near me in the darkness.

That's funny, I thought. Why would I feel guilt from a dream? That's just silly.

It's not as if I had dreamed of a young prince who whisked me away to Castle Von Schtinkenweiner. 

This night-ish delight very well might have been my young forest wife, Raquel Maidenmist. That is, if I had been playing Dungeons and Dragons in my sleep.

Only the pixies know now. 

Them, and me.