Monday, January 6, 2014


I start my new job today. I was, and still somewhat am, in a transitional state. A particular responsibility of the old position is no longer mine, one that I do not believe that I will miss much. Though I did not hate it, it only tired my psyche and made me sometimes wish that I was doing something else. 

The training phase will be ending soon and I will be expected to act with greater autonomy and precision. My experiences will be more complex, more educational. In complexity there is a kind of solace, for some, a space from which to retreat from the manic immediacy of many needs. Problem solving takes time, most people respect and understand this.


I am looking forward to learning, to challenging myself through troubleshooting steps, research. Though I know how quickly that enthusiasm can wane, when perpetually confronted with seemingly insoluble problems. 

One must always be on guard against the thing they wish for. We must be careful of the things we want, the things we get.

Perhaps not everybody, but certain types of people.

Me, etc.