Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rio Pequeño

I was not kidding about falling asleep earlier and earlier. Tonight - well, sort of tonight. It barely qualifies... I fell asleep at 7pm. Then, I awoke at 11pm. My sleeping patterns don't even cross the threshold of midnight any more.

I did get to "peep" the full Beaver Moon before all of my sleep excitement. 

It must be riveting for my readers… Where is he going with this…?

Well, as promised, we went on a hike yesterday. No story to tell, really, but as we were walking along I pointed out a little river to Rhys. I called it "Rio Pequeño," thinking myself clever. A good dad, etc. 

It reminded me of a time recently at the gym. I was chatting with Juan Zaragoza, the owner. He was telling me a story about a time recently that he went to visit his family in a small city in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. He was describing the house that he stayed in and how it was situated to the city below. He described a small river in the valley near the house. 

No kidding, I could not make this up: I interrupted his story to ask him what the word for "river" was in Spanish.

That is not a joke. Stinkin' Fucking Gringo…. What is the Spanish word for river? …Jesus Christo.

I may have even said, "What is 'river' in Español?"