Wednesday, November 6, 2013

other complexities

(Señor Padre y Hijo Giggles)

Up early as ever today. 4am and my body alerts me with the need to piss. There is not a single thing that is preferable about being older when compared to being younger, do not trust anyone that would tell you otherwise.

Just look at the picture above. The only people who want to be 45 are the people who are 46 and climbing.

Went to the park with Rhys yesterday. If being older is preferable then why do we wish that another's childhood could last forever. If not forever, at least to slow parts of it down; get a chance to enjoy some of it twice, or more. Endless giggles and wonder, happy to be silly, wonderful to be young. 

What a great little boy is he, and me when near him. 

I go in to a two hour interview at work today. There is an advancement that I want. The next position requires even greater technical skills, ones that I will need to learn. I seek increased complexity in what I do. Many do not, I know that. I am the other guy. I have an aptitude for it, though I am admittedly lazy at times. It is not just the aptitude. I am also filled with uncertainties. Knowing things make me feel better, up to a point.

I don't study code on my off-work hours, much. I started to, but then focused on other concerns, other complexities. Life.

Speaking of, I just tried to use my phone to deposit a regular check that I receive. It mistook some of the numbers on the check for the account number and then mistook the account number for the routing number. It would let me change the account number, oddly, but I couldn't modify the routing number.

Security precautions will let you adjust whose account the money comes out of, but you just don't get to choose from which bank the money departs, apparently.

Ah well, it looks like I will be stopping by the bank's ATM after the coffee shop. I will see if all of my technical skills have prepared me to deposit a check where it belongs, into the belly of the beast