Monday, November 18, 2013

Kugeln, I say, Kugeln…!!!

Strangest thing. I get in my car and am driving somewhere. Several minutes into the drive I notice two things, inexplicable as they may be: my seat belt isn't on and the annoying warning tone isn't going off. To my memory this has never happened before. 

I drive on, trying not to move, thinking that it must have gone off already and I just didn't notice it. My head has been elsewhere. I start trying to put the pieces together. I must know precisely what I did differently that might have caused this blessing... I had stopped to get gas. Perhaps there is some strange combination of releasing the fuel door and starting the car again that keeps the damned thing from alerting me to my own self-danger and recklessness. Nobody likes to be reminded, etc.

It felt as if hours passed: no bell. 

I sat as still as I possibly could, having unlocked one of the mysteries of the universe I didn't want to disturb my heavenly luck. This is a Volkswagen. It made no sense. I was beating them at their own game. 

I can't wait until Facebook finds out about this. 

Balls to German engineering…