Saturday, November 16, 2013

Phuck Fair

(St. Steinbeck's)

Steinbeck has proven to be just as I remembered him. Not that I disagree with what he has to say, this time, he only says it artlessly. 

He needed a blog... a site like this, perhaps.

He "proselytizes too literally" says CS. I agree.

I awoke at 4:20, my brethren. 

A.M., that is. 

The nearly full Beaver Moon shone through my window. Through the clouds, then through my window. Now, it dips behind the neighboring roof, heading towards tomorrow.

This autumn passed without me, nearly. I barely noticed. A drive up through the valley reflects that it is over. Most of the leaves have changed and fallen. The vines are bare and wicked.

Here is how I felt about it nearly two years ago. A poem, dancing for its life.

Today, we will go on a hike. We will find an appropriate one, we will go. A new experience, something to put in our lives. I will perhaps tell a story about it tomorrow.

Famous moralist Ken Starr has gone to bat for a convicted child molester, an admitted child molester. He's recovered, say the many testimonials. He hasn't molested a child for 30 years now, since he's been in prison anyway. 

Jesus must have healed him in his dirty spot. 

It's nice to know that Starr is applying his famed moralism liberally. He and ol' Steinbeck.

Remember when they tried to take down Clinton with that fat fellatio girl? She turned 40 this year. Funny.

That's a lot of "f" sounds... with room for one more.

Ah... Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, etc. 

Let's now forget how the world first came to hear from Ann Coulter: She was an unpaid legal adviser to the team that propped up Paula Jones' case against Clinton. 

Coulter was the one who "leaked" details about the President's cock being crooked. She rode to fame on a bent carriage.

Fun times. 

Coffee next, and soon.