Friday, September 6, 2013

Little R.M.C.

Everybody says it: They grow up so fast.

They really don't, though. I've been staring at him the entire time and can't detect any growth at all. Only through pictures is it detectable. That, and when people haven't seen him in a while and they exclaim, Oh my goodness... don't they just grow up so fast....

Eighteen years before I can even legally ask him to move out; sixteen remaining, more or less. I would not call that growing up fast, at all. 

A friend reminded me this morning that he doesn't even start liking me until around the age of 2 and begins hating me around the age of 14, so there is a 12 year window where I can really try to enjoy it.

Rhys will be 20 months old tomorrow. Soon we will have to refer to his age in halves and quarters rather than months, then eventually just in full years.

Oh, where did all the little months go...