Saturday, September 14, 2013


(In hot pursuit of blackberries)

Ah, sweet weekend. I almost miss working already, and it's only Saturday morning. I'm that into it. I'm sitting here going through the course in javascript. Man, it has been a long time since my mind has stretched. The most I normally ever ask of it is to calculate a tip, or tabulate caloric intake until my inner voice runs mutiny on me. The internal insurrection.

Rhys is freakin' adorable. I mean it. Every parent must feel that way, I'm sure, particularly about Rhys, because it's true. I want to know that other parents are jealous of him.

One of his favorite words is Barkley's name. He calls him "Boppy." It drives me crazy. I want to call the pup "Boppy" also, but don't want to confuse the little boy. He's trying to imitate us. I'm not sure if it's a good idea that I meet him in the middle on the pronunciation of proper nouns. I'm looking for just about anything to share with him though. We'll just bring a tennis ball into the backyard for entertainment. 

Boppy, Momma, Baby Boy and I.