Monday, August 26, 2013

"While I nodded, nearly napping..."

(one shoe shy)

Headlong back into another week. I'll try not to think too much about Burning Man. It should be easy enough. It takes a fair amount of energy and expense just to get there, which can be prohibitive. But once that's done it becomes an immersion experience. It is the regular life that begins to seem unreal. The idea of returning to it implausible, remote.

But there is always one's bed at home. It calls. I will try to remind myself of that each night when I go to sleep and all day when I work. Perhaps I'll take a nap today.

My computer screen just dimmed on me, also preparing to sleep. I had been sitting still here for too long, wondering.

Here is a cool video from NASA that a friend posted. If you pay careful attention you'll see some cool stuff in it (the exhaust contrail from the launch, etc.). 

I am still vexed with the idea that matter might disappear. That time-space could turn out to only be a convenient human concept formed by gravity is an idea that I'm okay with. Burning Man teaches us that. You'll have no idea how you arrived where you are, nor how long it took to get there, and there is little chance of ever getting back, Einstein.

Well, it's taken me 45 minutes just to write this. I concede defeat.