Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Holy Shit. I forgot to write a post today.

Well, I forgot, and then I forgot that I had forgotten. I'm quite forgottful.

Here's your post for the day.

Take it to heart, memorize it, ameliorate it, etc.

A simple, little birthday poem for a friend (who was suppose' to call...):

oh, what can I say?
in this, or that way...

you are many wonders, 30.
the very purposeful pandemonium,

be both blunder, and truth,
many views adore you,
and me too.

through and through.

under, where?
edible, perhaps,
and orange-red ,
right there.

ebony, oui...
welcome to thirty,
    little girl,
and let the thirty-girl be...

you are loved, beloved.
be loved. and

be very loved,
be comely,
and never lost,

ever thee.

and ever thee
offer anew,
it is quietly yours,
and so quietly you.

ours, yours,
and cupkatie:
all, birthday true.

that's all i have...

my words,
are small ripples.

to hope, save,
perhaps preserve,
and catch one unfocused

words behave like

but all i have,
is sometimes numb,
these moments:
gentle, inarticulate,
and so often dumb,

mute, i am to this age,
and to that aging omen,
i am there,
also engaged,
though probably slowing,
and sometimes bored.

you are quite adored.

30... damn.
   whenever you can,
have fun...
and much,
but lend me your little ear:

as such, persimmon beats lavender.
tomorrow wears nothings.

yet, hear:
we all now stand,
lunging, leaning,
all thirty and more, somethings.

ceaselessly, and blessed,.
towards the past,
i confess,
  little meaning,

perhaps just jest....

but unto those unending,
and ageless shores,
always know this:

more is never less,
more is more, and more.

and ever yours...

you are loved, happy birthday,
sean , 1/10/07