Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Tuesday afternoon in Sonoma

Our friends adopted their boy yesterday. We went to the courthouse with them. They had been fostering with the intention to adopt, now it is legal. The documents were all signed and put in place. I've never seen a judge be so pleasant, or pleased to have people in his courtroom. Nor I. We were all quite giddy with it.

I almost felt like offering him an explanation for some wrongdoing out of inertia, pure habit.

The officer on duty allowed me to step behind the barrier to take pictures. We were like guests. All was wonderful. The ladies and gentlemen dressed up for the occasion and we went to eat sushi afterwards, then champagne at home. A bottle of 2000 Dom PĂ©rignon, then another more recent one from Napa. 

It's official. 

There is a different entrance to most county complexes at which I am normally received. They boast more elaborate security systems and rather regimented teams of chaperons.