Friday, August 2, 2013

Blurred Mornings

(Jim and friend)

Reading books makes me so, so sad.

Ok, come on, Sean. You can do this.... Just think of a subject.

What are my thoughts on pornography. I am intermittently "Pro."

What are some commonly misused words: redundant, peruse, bemused.

How do you spell Encyclopedia. Irregardless doesn't trigger my spell-check. How can that be?

Okay, the baby boy is waking up. I hear his morning sounds, soon-to-be wails.

Today, I go into the city. I'm tempted to go in drag, just to freak people's minds. Though I worry that I've gotten too fat. None of my dresses fit any more and the shoes are simply murder. It's the ice cream that does it. I know that now. I just get so sad sometimes, when reading books. The ice cream is so sweet, creamy, consoling.

Why can't I think of something to write about. How about the enduring story of Penelope Penispump?

Or, have I already told that one?