Friday, July 26, 2013

... the scent as a woman


Sin can not be both optional and unavoidable.

That is the extent of my thoughts on Christianity this morning. It is utter nonsense.

Speaking of options... (I have nothing to write about this morning, so I'll respond to the writing of others) Selavy writes about Weiner's sexting this morning, and he makes a salient point. Why the fuck should we judge Weiner, or Abedin? I mean, sure... Weiner invited us to examine his personal life at several points in the past, citing his marriage to Abedin and their having a child as good reasons to vote for him, that his day "starts here every morning" (with a shot of them in their home together, making nice). 

But now, his personal life is none of our business, we're reminded. We decide if we are going to "forgive" politicians, as if they have wronged us.

I do find it hilarious that people act as if they were obligated to be in the public eye, whether as celebrities or politicians, or both, whether notorious or infamous, or either. This life decision they made was unavoidable, not optional, you see. They are servants in and of the public eye. But the Christian mind, attuned to such constant nonsense, never even notices. Americans accept redemption and the plea for forgiveness, and why not? I do too, truly, though for very different reasons. I simply don't want the entertainment to cease, and don't believe they've done anything wrong. Not to me, anyway.

There are, of course, the vast assumptions of social-media, questioning her impulses to stay with her husband, and child. Because other people's divorces are particularly easy when witnessed from a distance. Some claim naked ambition, as if that's a sin on its own. It is rewarded and applauded by nearly all, until it is revealed. The true sin and shame of ambition is having any and getting caught with it. It is esteemed in most as a private value, like intellect. It is deeply suspect when detected in others. Though everybody modestly surmises they possess private reservoirs of the stuff. Deep unspoiled springs that are yet unknown and unfound, invisible to the eye and ear and mind of others. Undetectable to all.

... and this might very well be true. How would we ever know? There is as much evidence for it as against. None.

Any comment upon Abedin, made by a man, is at once presumptuous and dismissible. A man could never understand staying with a partner who had cheated, who had violated the sanctity of their marriage, perhaps even befouled their home, had brought that filth into their own bedroom on a phone, maybe even sexting from home, with that person. 

A man could never fathom such a thing and has no right to comment. 

It is amazing what we are told, and what we choose to believe. 

Once, long ago, I took a class on "Women in Film." The teacher made a point of first showing that there are not strict lines defining what is a woman and what is a man, and gave many examples to prove this, scientific studies were cited. Gender is as much a social approximation as anything else and we have the right to choose. It is no sin, not any more, not in these enlightened times. That was the accepted and agreed upon claim.

So, anytime after that in which I angered a clutch of feminists in the class I would simply claim that I was speaking "as a woman," and have every right to do so. Who are they to tell me that I'm not a woman. So, I would make outrageous claims about my celestial powers and intuition regarding the films we were watching. One of my favorite things to say was, "Of course I would never quite understand the way that you do, I'm just a woman trapped in a man's mind."

I was a hit, a smash success. You could see my thoughts exploding in their eyes. That moment of clarity, etc.

At the end of the class I decided to speak as a man, as is my choice. I asked why the worst films we saw were made by women while the best ones were made by men, about women. I was partially kidding (and it was only partially true), but felt justified enough in saying it. I had abandoned intuition for the time being.

It was an honest question, and I did not shy from it. We are taught to ask honest questions, even when they are painful. 

Their love for my wisdom was manifest. 

So, that's my lesson today... Always change genders when saying something you believe. Speak as a man, not for them. I've always wondered why the people who desired same sex marriages allowed the state to tell them what gender they are. There's a legal fight to be had there, as there is no clear consensus on where that dividing line is. What court has the power to tell you what you are, and how easily fought would such a thing be. Just claim you are something other than what they have told you that you are.

Why not?

Well, Thank God it's not Thursday.... TGINT!!!!