Thursday, July 11, 2013

Elmo, what you gonna' do?

You get so used to things as they are that the old way of doing things ceases to seem fair. I will drive into SF to work from the office today. It seems so far away, and my bed so close. I may as well be participating in a moon launch, approaching Aqaba from the desert, anything... You would think I was being tortured. If hell is for eternity then each lost hour resembles it.

I exaggerate. Has anybody here noticed that? People go to work every day, why not me every now and then?

It would be nice if every morning there was a trophy waiting for me on my desk. Perhaps one with a chrome bowler on the top. A trophy that refused to lie on its side, sort of an awkward shape, with a really heavy base and pedestal. The novelty would wear off in a day or two but I'd have to keep them. They would all have an engraved inscription: If found please return to Sean Cusick, $500 reward, then my phone number and address.

After only one year I would have to dedicate an entire room to them. In five years I'd have to buy another house. The guy at the storage unit would always eye me suspiciously each month when I would arrive with the rental truck, inquiring about yet another unit to rent.