Thursday, July 4, 2013


I forgot to write a post today. 

So far nobody's pissed me off with their patriotism or abject nationalism. There is that, at least. 

I have no problem acknowledging the virtues of constitutional government while denouncing its weaknesses. 

Perhaps a balance of powers has an inherent time limit built into it. Similar to how people used to claim that "communism looks good on paper"... 

Okay, stupid. 

Since my posts get a lot more pageviews when I post a picture of a girl... there you go. 

Happy Independence Day, perverts. 

I'm about to board a boat and head out into SF Bay, to ingest drugs and listen to music, watch colorful explosions, etc. I figured I might as well do so while I still have the chance, because if you don't, then the NSA has won...

They covet our freedoms. 

If you say something, make it last.