Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ernie's Tin Bar

(Ernie's Tin Bar)

Yesterday, Rachel and I both called out from work. The time for it had come. We went other places and did nothing, spending enormous sums of money, for us. We did things that she and I do not regularly do. Never, in fact. We stopped at Ernie's Tin Bar on the drive home. It was a much needed day, having fun together, spending money as if we didn't care, as if it was ours already.

We bought a case of assorted wines, drinking one of the bottles last night with dinner. Well, I did. We barbecued chicken and steak on the grille. It was a pleasantry. 

Today, I go to the doctor. I have been in enormous, prohibitive pain. There will likely need to be an operation, if not an unpleasant procedure of some sort. Pain reduces all other aspects of life to it alone. All relief from it thus far has been very temporary, and incomplete. I'm hoping the doctor finds a more permanent escape from it.

I'm not sure what happened but beginning somewhere in my early 40's my body just started breaking down. The 20 years of life that preceded it, I guess. I was careless. Not any more.

Nature has a way of catching up with escapees.