Friday, July 19, 2013

It is risen...

If I had not requested Monday off late, and been granted it only a day ago, then I would call out sick today. It is my promise to you... my dear, dwindling readership. If I had, then I would write you a long and thoughtful post. A verbal opus, with lots of nounals too.

Last night, Rachel and I had a relationship breakthrough. Just a simple conversation that, I believe, allowed us both to see things in a different way, if only for a moment. A glance through the eyes of another. They are quite important, these moments. They appear almost in the way that humor does, unexpectedly. When both people have let their usual guard down just enough so that previously un-glimpsed insight is possible. Epiphanic, but without the baby boy Jesus pooping his diaper for three strangers. Now, in the morning, the understanding seems to have already ascended elsewhere.

It is not the same to be clever when you are alone, to know that somebody would giggle.