Sunday, March 3, 2013

.. to roam

I was supposed to go to bed early, wake up around 2am-3am, and go into SF - another friend is dj'ing in town. I woke up late, now it is is 6:30 and I don't feel like driving in. They would force drugs on me, I know this. It is how they are. They are "pushers."

No, I kid.

I am trying to make arrangements to go to LA this Friday, the dj that I missed here on Thursday night is playing there next week. I'll be doing a makeup date

As the clock ticks I feel more and more guilty about not driving in to SF. I'm hoping that feeling passes before it takes over. I want some breakfast and a normal Sunday morning, reading a book. We are meant to attend a bbq later today, also in SF. 

All roads lead...