Friday, March 8, 2013

News from Manhattan Beach

It is supposed to rain all day today in LA. It never rains here, hardly ever. But I've somehow managed to hit the lone day that it does. It had rained similarly in the Bay Area a few days ago. It must be the same front making its way southwards. The flight last night brought my sinus cold back. Or, perhaps it is only the rain following me, chasing me along the coast. 

Selavy relayed to me yesterday how he was once in LA for Thanksgiving, after a trip to Joshua Tree, driving the empty streets of the city like a madman, thinking himself quite lucky to be here on such a day and with such conditions. He raced from one side of the city to the other, with nobody stopping him, miles of open highway, looking for something to do, anything at all. He ended up eating Chinese food while seated at a plastic table, with plastic utensils, accompanied by the only other people in LA that had nowhere else to go. 

Then , there was the next day in which the city returned to normalcy... all traffic congestion and the hellish invitation of apocalypse.