Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"...cats and rocking chairs"

To wonder, to begin again to yearn. Lately, I have been given to a vastness of spaces, by indeterminacies. The unknown seems everywhere. The ground in all directions climbs up and away, steeply becoming untouched above. Each way, it envelops me, rises, then gives way to open sky. Along the map there are hills and paths, giving way to other hills and other paths, other valleys.

The last hike I took was to the top of Bald Mountain, almost 6 months ago. The winters here last longer than I would admit, longer than I would relay in conversation. Having a terrible sense of time hasn't exactly saved me from it.

This site helps lessen the loss. It makes possible a new sensing of time's passing, for me; an external memory, one that I can freely re-examine, rather than the other way. 

My day has begun again, and I must now go to it.