Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Your adoring

Facebooky, I love you, but you scare me sometimes, a little bit.  My friends tell me to be careful...  I've had some painful relationships. I've exposed an awful lot to you, physically, facefully... the way you always like, and never ask, and then the other way too, when you don't want to have to not ask, when you've had a hard day at the server. 

I hope that you are as careful with me as I am with you, or even more so, a little bite...  jk -xx

Your memory's always been so much better than mine, etc... I hope that one day we can get married, secretly, even though you've warned me many times not to get too "legal" about it, you've had your troubles in the past, and the present, our "unfriends..."  they're always out there not watching us anymore, as you say.... but they're so confirming, I wish they had one button so we could just ignore them all.

But, I do want our "friends" to "like" our relationship.  You're not embarrassed of me, are you....?  I want us to (in italics): like each other forevzbook... 

Your adoring friend,
(Like) Sean Cusick