Thursday, December 15, 2011


I awoke last night to the sound of thunder.....

I haven't had much free time to take any new pictures.  I imagine that I know what I'm doing when it comes to computers but the proof against me is growing.  I have mismanaged my iPhoto library and now it has bloated beyond reasonable size.  It turns out that I haven't ever thrown away any pictures that I've put into the trash. But rather, through no real fault of my own, I have just made them reasonably inaccessible to me, managing to bloat my library up past 200GB.  One day I should go through it and save only what matters to me and ditch the rest.  For now I have chosen to create a new photo library and, having had no time to take new pictures, it has been left quite wanting in terms of images.

More on computers later, much more, one day.

I am beginning to suspect that I am living with a Trojan horse, of sorts.  At any moment something is going to pop out and take over.  The apartment we live in, that I've renamed Troy, will be overrun with it.  It will crawl amok for months until it is finally able to do some real upright damage.  I will be enslaved to its whimsical biddings. The Hellespont will be lost.

Perhaps we will name the child Dardanelles.  No.

I mean that would actually be it's name, Dardanelles No!  
Or... No, Dardanelles, No!!!

I also like the name, Uh-oh....
It's a family name, etc.