Thursday, December 22, 2011

You fly, I drive

(Ancient reindeer landing path, re-enactment)

Today is my "Friday", then I have 3 days off from work, all nicely grouped together.  It will be our first Christmas here on the west coast with each other.  I'm not one of those atheists that can't see the secular pleasure in Christmas, Oh no....  It's like a Thanksgiving that people have actual heavenly reverence for, spiritual connections to. They reveal their intimate bond with a fat German chap, dressed like a bearded drag-queen from the mountains of another century... a far simpler time.  

It's usually fun to watch people trot out their agendas concerning the day, either for or against.

I've come to terms with it all.  There are those that unceasingly bemoan its "commercialism" but perhaps fail to remember the joy they had as children in the morning when their waking eyes fixed on a room of miracles. That is, if their parents could provide miracles, of course. I remember those moments well.  I suppose you could make the argument that it just indoctrinates children into some sort of twisted capitalism, but are children in other societies any less desirous of toys?  I suspect not.

Somehow the commercialism never touches me.  I simply never buy any presents, problem solved.

So, I've learned to just accept it and enjoy the day.  It is a day off from work, when much of the world stops, or at least slows down.  It's a good day to go to the movies, Scorcese's "Hugo" is playing.  I'm okay with the day being some perversion of a pagan winter festival merged with the concept of the birth of Christ, as it needed to fit into the Roman calendar at the time.  In fact, I prefer it that way.  It gives me something to find historical weirdness in.  The day is mostly silent, unless I get suddenly taken by the christmas-spirit, on miracle wine.  

Sure, it might be empty ritual to a non-believer but most other days throughout the year are far worse in comparison. Most other days are just the unceasing monotony of industry.  Christmas, at least, lets the nightmare of indentured gainfulism halt for a moment.  It is quite precious in that regard.

I will admit that it gets tedious when I am confronted with some overbearing, ornamental nitwit, expecting me to show reverence for their day, as if there is some sanctity to the actuality of it all.  Don't get me wrong... I like to go to church on Christmas, and Easter too.  To watch others parade their charade, to tow the proverbial lines, though never from Proverbs, etc.  A good Christian stays away from the Old Testament on those days, out of respect.

Perhaps I'll prepare... I'll fill my stocking with some juicy stories from the pre-christ days, just a stoning here or there, or Eglon, or Onan and the talking donkey.....  No, too humbug, I guess.  I'll just close my eyes and pray with the prayerful, reminding myself of the day, many decades ago, that I saw Santa Claus sneaking into our neighbor's house from the side door, in broad daylight.  I announced it to the whole car as if it were an emergency.  I could detect the placating nature of their responses, even my brother's...  

I mean, if he wasn't on board with this whole Santa thing then the fat guy's got no possible chance of survival, right?  There weren't even any getaway reindeer waiting for him on the roof.... It made no sense at all. None.