Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the grip of grips

I was relaying to my wife, again, the surreal underside of Sonoma and she was, also again, telling me that I am crazy, the one who is presumably unhinged, etc.  Just as I was about to give up...  some freakin' larry stumbled towards our car, apparently mistaking a Volvo for a massive moving silver crack rock. But luckily this stinky fellow thought of something better to accomplish at just the last second and wandered off in an inspired zig-zag pattern of sorts.  

I've read about spiders that also do the same when weaving their nightly webs under the grip of grips... It was a scientific study to determine how spiders might act at Burning Man, I think.

I had almost started to question whether things are normal out here and that perhaps I am actually the cause for concern. My only fear, of course is that my paranoia is waning, that I have settled into complacency with my suspicions.  No, not possible.  I'm an accomplice in all things unseen. I still amass evidence against invisible monsters everywhere.  I read my horoscope daily, etc.

And then this....  we were walking the dog this morning and we happened upon the front porch of one of our neighbor's houses.  This ghostly soul was there waiting for us, sending out its death rays towards us, into broad daylight.  

If this guy doesn't have a drug problem, then who...?