Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sleep defeated in the deserts

Another night with little to no sleep, none consecutively.  My mind started racing, then my body followed.  I tossed and turned, adjusted pillows as if they were advancing regiments, and I a sleepless Napoleon.  No, that's not what happened.  The enemy's pillows outflanked me.  I stirred incessantly as I wondered about civil systems, and codes,  what to do about them.  No answers arrived.  I mulled over the term, "higher education."  I was high for much of mine.

What to do..... Re-write the Napoleonic Code?  No. 
Let it go, let it go.... drift towards sleep.....

In the darkness of my heart my mind roamed and stalked as I sought my cat spirit.  I peered deep into the darkness to find my purring spiritual escort, my feline chaperone for the night-flight journey, whiskering me away in sleep across distant lands, to ancient Egypt.  I entered the arid land sitting astride my horse, before the Sphinx, the setting sun at my back, breathing in victory from the Battle of the Pyramids, with sleep defeated in the deserts, and soon too, I hoped, The Nile.