Sunday, December 18, 2016

"At least you haven't become a Christian"

(A heart-healthy post)

A buddy warned me yesterday against the dangers of treading in Triathletism. He cautioned that my talk here is becoming close to outright advocacy for wheat-grass endurance. I assured him that my diet is as horrific as it's ever been, and as long as I am not publicly discussing the desired consistency of feces then I still have a handle on how things are meant to be. I heard his warnings, though, and he is quite right. Few things are more tedious than a person publicly bettering themselves. It is the story that no one wishes to hear and only the water-brained wish to share. Private tragedies can be memorable, public self-improvement is always pathetic. I know this, of course. I was trying to be comedic about it, but it is a thing that is only funny when viewed, and rightfully ostracized, in others. Of the many things that I get wrong I had not thought that being healthy would somehow arrive on that list. But, there it is. If a thing can be done then it can be done incorrectly. You can count on me to find a path towards that. So much human error can be found amongst the strengths. I am overly playful at work sometimes, also.



  1. The grievance of most regarding public betterment is only _partially_ with the betterment itself (and resultant shame it invites by way of comparison). The larger issue is often the self-righteousness of the person doing the bettering. As long as you can avoid the latter, I believe folks'll forgive you the former.

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  3. I only dabble in self-righteousness, though this is more a by-product of me not being able to see things through to completion as much as it is any principle that I've internalized. If one can not wield their fitness then I question its usefulness. There must be something beyond it being "its own reward." Much like higher education, it should induce shame in others.

  4. I'm only exercising in the hopes that it will improve my grammar, etc.