Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Streets Photography

I've decided to shift the focus of my photographic interest towards shooting intersecting streets, preferably in the desolate dark so that people will know how serious I am as a person, an artist, a driver of cars, and one who dwells in living spaces. I'll call it, of course: Streets Photography, because we live in a plural society and that should always be reflected in the contrasts of our shared roads. One goes one way, the other goes another, but they each meet in the middle and seem to get along. That should be a good, hard, level lesson for everybody to construct a set of morals around. 

Without smirking, I will refer to my art as "both highly and lowly intersectional." When taken as seriously as it deserves to be then it will obliterate all social inequalities. There will, of course, always be those who attack my premises, through ignorance, hatred, and occasional road rage. 

In a few years I'll expand my interests to Driveways - where they meet the road, and how. One must strive to traverse the gutters, etc. It will cement some needed national discourse on the nature of public and private property. My work will be hung in galleries and people will fly from all over the world to marvel at my subtext. Concretion will shut the asphalts up. I will pave the way.