Friday, August 1, 2014


(wax figurehead)

If you have to explain that you're joking... 

Yesterday, a few friends reached out to me almost immediately after I published the post.


I had to explain that I wasn't "for" it, but that I was just really good at it. 

A pro, etc.

No... Nobody's for rape, except the rapists. We've already gone over this. Everybody is against it, that's what was funny. 

Ah well, absurdity is not nearly as much fun if you have to explain it. I inserted a qualification statement, but that just ruins it. It's worse than asking for permission.

Perhaps I lightened my friendship load even more. Soon enough my life will be as light as the wind.

I have the day off today, a by-product of having to work on Sunday.

I will lounge and loaf half the day away. Then, perhaps an afternoon adventure with masks and capes, etc.