Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tiny Slivers of Mercury

(Land Shark)

CS has given me many writing ideas, though not quite in the way that he accuses. The effect of his writing has functioned in more of a cautionary way. 

Writing is rewriting. Though he takes this maxim to a different level through simple inversion, rewriting is his writing, in a sense.

He used to be a science teacher, many years ago, and I think back to one of his most memorable biology lessons... It was called, "The early bird gets the worm." He was very proud of this. It involved him waking up early and believing that to be of some biological advantage for him. He was fond of emphasizing this point, "Early bird, worm, get the picture?" 

I would remind that humans don't eat worms. I mean, they can, but if you're up early then you might as well go with other options.

You get the picture. 

He still possibly believes in this earlyism, though now it has something to do with time zones, the shape of most planets, and the relation of the moon to the sun as its light bounces off and back towards the earth. It's sometimes difficult to differentiate between his confused crypticness and his early onset dementia, particularly when he believes in himself as being clever. 

Also, there is a well known cure for syphilis, but the cure can not reverse the damage that has already been done. Perhaps more on that later.

I will need to bring my computer back in for another repair. The unit will occasionally boot to an all grey striped screen, sometimes bursts of static will spring from the speakers. Clearly, something is wrong.

I don't remember if I wrote about this here before or not. I was looking at having to purchase a new computer, but then Apple decided to cover the cost of the repair for me, which was very nice, but now the machine has refurbished parts that are little better than the failed ones that came with it at the original time of purchase.

It will mean another drive up to Santa Rosa, quite possibly today, to drop the machine off, and then a drive back up to Santa Rosa to pick it up again when it is ready. It is a lucky and good thing for me that the drive up Sonoma valley is so beautiful and pleasant. 

In an odd way, most of the time, I look forward to it.

I even look forward to visiting the Apple store. It is also a cautionary exercise of sorts. It's the first real job I ever had in life and the first that I quit without having another. I learned much from both experiences. It is part of what has led to me being where I am now, for good or ill.

Okay, that is the Q6 report for the day. 

Stay off the internet, kids, just look at what it has done to me.