Monday, August 18, 2014


I once had time, lots of it. Days and then weeks and months would just float by as noiselessly as clouds. 

Now, time is passing so much faster, also with more effort. 

It seems unfair, life. 

I never tire of saying it, Life's not fair! 

I suppose I am waiting for somebody to provide a better response than the standard, Well, whoever told you....

It is perhaps why older people are often reminding everyone to slow down and enjoy it. It is a hard-earned lesson. When you're dying, some say that your life will flash before your eyes. But if you die slowly then it's probably just an elastic smear that starts around the age of....

I felt bad inserting any number at the end of that sentence. I experimented with several. They all felt cruel.

I left NYC for California three years ago, to the day. Here is the last post from NYC

Funny, to look at it now. Funny is one word for it, I guess.

I enjoyed the time when Rachel was pregnant with Rhys. I think back to those times affectionately.

There is that to remember. 

You must remember this. A sigh is just a sigh.

Why all of the reminiscing, you wonder?

... Rhys started pre-school today. Rachel sent me pictures of him entering the school. 

Little milestones. 

He is equipped with all of the things that will keep him feeling safe: his bear backpack, his new public-servant doggy lunchbox, and of course.... his Thomas the Train wellies for emergency puddle jumping.

Rhys was talking to Mommy this morning and he was telling her a story that included the statement, "... when I was little and Daddy put me in your tummy."

Oh, where does he get these silly ideas?