Saturday, August 16, 2014

... and Effect

Ah, sweet weekend, precious time. Some claim that it is all we have.

We have discovered that Rhys does not respond well to my absence. It takes him some time to calm down and resume his normal little loving boy self upon my return.

So, things are going wonderfully here in Sonoma. Parents being separated produces profound feelings of security in children, all the studies show.

Victory for the Team.

The best you can do is all that you can do. 

I'll let you know if any of this ever feels like the best that I can do.

Or, we.

Speaking of we... we both look at the same set of facts and come to the same conclusions, until one of us states the implications of any of those conclusions, then there seems to arise an invisible disagreement. It floats between us the way love used to. Disagreements have no path to resolution, no way to verbally address. Resolution is not required when denial is the approach. 

There is only the recognition of the wrongness, a noted suggestion of the seeming source. 

It is best to just keep agreeing, never draw the inevitable deduction, never state it. That is how the dynamic of failed love magically becomes your fault, your defect. 

Avoiding fault is the way. It's easy, you just let the other person talk, nodding your head in agreement, amenable to the facts, a sworn foe to all fictions. 

One can be disappointed, never bitter; expecting, at no time demanding; suspicious, not accusatory; always losing, not once defeated.

Ever uncertain, always agreeable.