Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Man Burns in 27 Days

(Fellow Burner, James)

Well, I have to work today. No time to write, or not as much.

My friends are making their last minute pleas for me to go to Burning Man this year, offering available tickets. I have been a few times before and doubt I'll ever go again. It is an enormous amount of dedicated fun, but the resources can be used elsewhere. 

I wish to see more of the world than a dried lake bed at an altitude, a lopsided craft fair seen through a few looking glasses. 

A friend wrote from Singapore a few days ago. Certainly it would make more sense for a man of my advanced years to go to Singapore before returning to burning.


And what of Bangkok?

Burning Man is easier and requires much less independence. But those should be arguments against, not for.

Italy. Rome still requires my sacking. 

But then, why does the question of attendance plague me so.