Saturday, August 23, 2014

Talk to the shoe

Rachel has asked me not to post any pictures of her any more. It's too bad. I take plenty and she is among my favorite subjects. 

But, we are entering a difficult time and perhaps she does not want to be reminded of it. Does not want to be exposed to it, or the memory of it, any more than she already is.

I understand. Vulnerability is a necessary and difficult component of the time.

She might read this and ask me to not write about her also. Who knows.

I can't post pictures of other women, either. That might send a confusing message. Like, that I'm straight. No one, I do not believe, wishes to be reminded of that right now.

I took promo pictures of a close friend recently, a man. But he has other, professional uses for those and I never discussed posting them here, so I won't do that either. A few of them came out quite good.

I'll just post pictures of the boy, and the dog, or the boy and the dog. What could be more heartwarming than a picture of a boy and his dog, except perhaps a girl and her cat, for some?

I have friends who had twins, girls, and admittedly the mother's posted pictures are quite cute. Little sisters growing up together, often in toy sun shades.

I didn't used to give a shit about pictures of people's kids. Not any more. Now, I like to see them. It genuinely warms my heart, and I say that with no touch of sarcasm.

I have become quite used to being around people's kids. It's fun. 

It might be strange to be removed from them for a while at Burning Man, though I doubt it. I imagine I'll adapt pretty quickly.

Perhaps I will become a nudist, or worse. I will lose some more online friends by writing about, or discussing, the experience.

People have an intense need to define themselves as being in opposition to Burning Man. They are eager to describe it as a failed experiment, to point out its failings as an actual utopia, which seems silly. In many things, I am like them, and tend to draw others' attention to the weaknesses, or faults, of a thing. ]

Though it seems silly to do so with Burning Man, unnecessary.

... Burning Man invites it, with their hokey list of principles (I haven't even read that link or the articles contained therein, just found it)

Okay, I have run out of time again.

Here is a screenshot I took of me "talking" to Rhys on Facetime in the mornings when he is watching Elmo, or Curious George, or something.

It's easy to detect how captivating I am in conversation.