Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Village

I arrived. 

I, at least, have a center of operations for a week. I can unpack my bags and unroll my t-shirts, air out my underwear... ready for action. I would like to start one more sentence with I.

I did it!

Last night, we stayed up late - for me - almost midnight. My two sisters and I talked about our feelings while they ate chocolate and interrupted me as I was about to be clever, just like old times. Their timing is infuriatingly impeccable. 

Tonight, I go visit the rest of my family out in Brooklyn, after a lunch with an old friend under the Brooklyn Bridge. She also has had a baby since I saw her last. It is the way of things. 

I will walk across the bridge if the weather clears. I am a tourist here now, so why not?

Today is my Brooklyn day. It didn't used to be an obligatory part of any NYC visit, but things do change. Everybody has kids. If you're traveling alone you will find that you'll be on the subway to one of the outer-boroughs much more than you once might have. I will bumble around for an afternoon and find some new places to visit, or just go to the Brooklyn Museum.

We are preparing for our Soul Cycle Spin class at 9:30. I agreed to this nonsense last night, and those who love me most have always wanted to see me have a complete coronary event of some kind. I have never tried "spinning" before, in this sense, but I would consider myself an avid cyclist, though in truth I have not been riding in about a year.

I want a new bike but it is expensive, not as much as a new heart, though only barely, and available on Amazon Prime. 

I can have almost anything that I want, shipped within two days now, price depending… 

I think that I would like a nice new whirlpool.