Friday, April 18, 2014



Well, I knew the trip would seem short, and over far too quickly.

I had only wished that it would never end. Sort of. I had hoped the money would never run out, but that the running around eventually would. It is the product of having not seen so many of my friends for a few years now. 

So be it... It was all worth it. 

The next trip I take will be to a place that I have never before been, and know no one. I will arrive and depart as a mystery, an unknown.

I have been rushing from place to place across NYC and Florida, almost each day and each night spent with a different set of friends and their kids. I have become quite the candid child portraitist, my computer and memory card are filled with thousands and thousands of snapshots. It will take me weeks to go through all of them, if ever.

There is much to tell, little stories that have accumulated across these two weeks, but now I lack the energy for it. 

There is still a drive across the state today to Tampa, then back again tomorrow. Then, hopefully, a few days with my old buddy CS, then home. 

I am surrounded by kids now as I write this. There is only one of them, but that's all that it takes. He has been circling me for hours. It seems as if there are a dozen. 

He is offering me various colored candies. I ask him what color each one of them is. 

The answer is always the same, "Green!"