Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bleached stone

(Epikouros, he dead)

So, now I leave NYC for FL. All of my stuff is lying around my suitcase on wheels, half of it dirty, half of it clean. I must devise a system for it but don't feel like it.

There is also Newark Airport to consider. I've been told that there are trains that are cheaper and faster, though it certainly seems like it would be much more effort on my part. A car that picks me up and drops me off seems far preferable. But even a phone call must be made for that to happen. I suppose I should get motivated. 

This is the part of my post where I would traditionally discuss coffee, etc.

I am looking forward to Florida. I have not checked the weather but I'll assume that there is more sunshine there; dangerous amounts, we're told. 

I will report back and let you know. 

Just look at what the sun has done to old Epicurus.