Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

Today our friends take in the boy which they hope to adopt. It is a big step, one that has me taking deeper breaths. There will be transitions, adjustments, new obstacles. He sure is cute. The boy's a charmer. We went over and let him and Rhys play together for a while over the weekend. They are only separated in age by about five months. Tonight we will all be holding our breath a little.

It will be a novelty to watch the general election from the west coast, we're hoping. I still believe that America's greatness derives partially from the peaceful and regular transference of power. It is an amazing history. The election might be over before we're even able to get home and have a glass of wine.

Well, I will be home. I will work from there today, undistracted by all but that work, hopefully. With this new job I am still uncertain. There is much complexity to it. I am surrounded by others who are much more adept at the process than me. Time.

I have the "internet tv" on in the background as I am writing this. It is too distracting. I just heard Dan Rather claiming how "good" both of these candidates are. I want to like Dan Rather, but he makes it difficult at times. From whence does this "goodness" emerge?

I was "arguing" with one of my friend's sisters online yesterday. It is what I do, it's my pleasure. She made the comment "Poverty begats poverty." Read that statement over and over again. It's brilliant in spite of itself. Its knowledge and insight approaches that of Solomon  (except for the past tense plural misuse of the operative word, of course). 

Now, don't get me wrong, I simply love to speak in idioms, especially when they have a vaguely biblical air to them. Sometimes I'll just spout odd phrases with an occasional "thou" thrown in, or by following everything I say with the phrase, "according to prophecy."  If anybody gives me a sideways look I'll just claim it's from the bible. Every time they will just nod thoughtfully, almost as if in sudden prayer. 

The mighty word of God seems to put people's minds to sleep.