Friday, November 23, 2012

That, and work

Thanksgiving was great. Rachel's cooking was wonderful. We drank nice wines. We had visitors come over all day and I figured out how to operate the chimney flue (and that it is not a flute as I had called it yesterday, now corrected). 

Success.  The house aired out a bit. Now there only remains that matter of the sink. Some additional plumbing will need to be attempted. Using a plunger on a sink is not a good idea, I found out.

Cato and I finished the book shelves and I started to populate them with books, realizing rather quickly that they weren't going to be big enough. Many books will have to go in the cabinets underneath. There must still be some boxes that I can't find. There are some books that seem to have just disappeared.

We started drinking early in the day. I barely remember going to sleep last night. Rachel insists that I did though. It is where I woke up, so I have no reason to suspect she's lying. But still, two days after the magical chocolate and I still feel a bit "off."

Young people are not to be trusted. That is the lesson I take away from the magic chocolate. They will try to make you take drugs even when you don't want to. Then most of all.

Today I am to work from home. That is how life should always be. I get paid to annoy Rachel and fill my underwear with farts. That, and work, etc.