Friday, November 16, 2012


I awoke to bad news. Another one of my heroes has died; this time a musician. Pete Namlook. I don't know the circumstances of his death, and I won't go on and on about it. But it is a reminder. Life is fragile and all of the other things; painful, over too quick.

Here is a piece of music he made that I've always loved. 

A friend used to mockingly refer to one of my favorite albums of his as "funeral dirges." I always felt that his music sounded more like the birth of the cosmos, though there's no reason that it can't be both. 

Here is another piece of music by different artists that sample the first. Just to give those who don't already know an idea of his enormous and mostly unknown influence. 

Well, since I don't have much more to say - I'll leave you with this piece, a great collaboration (ignore the image). I've sat here this morning and listened to it in its entirety, wondering what else to write. 

There is all, then there is nothing. 

Perhaps it's best to die young, but to hold off as long as possible.