Sunday, November 11, 2012

The lost temptation of time

The reverberation of loss still ripples through the Facebook community.  The losers blame "ignorance" and a hatred of America. They have fallen on the defense that of course the democrats want to win - the government is giving them everything that they want and need, they're gonna vote for more of that. There are some initial indicators out there that suggest that wealthier more educated people voted for Barack, a prediction that didn't surprise everybody. This doesn't dissuade them for long though, or very much. The claim is then made that the educated can also be ignorant. Though the counter-axiom that suggests the same would be even more true of the less educated never seems to grip or slow them. 

Oh well. I started to write a post this morning and the above paragraph is the result. Nonsense.

Today has been a lazy day. I will keep it that way and not try to write any more. Why force it? It's Veteran's Day, how else are we supposed to honor them? Soon, I will go to the pub and have a few pints of beer, thank any veterans that are there by buying them a beer. I feel drained from drinking with our guests this weekend and I must replenish myself with liquids. Another guest arrives in a few hours and we will drink some more, we will barbecue and chat into the evening, then there is work all week long.  I am expected to learn many new things, complicated things. I must become very good at an unfamiliar process. 

When we were driving back into Sonoma valley today - Rachel and Rhys were sleeping in the back of the car - I was daydreaming about the many weekends that I just lounged around with my friends doing almost nothing, eternity stretching out ahead of us, tempting us, as if we had nothing left but time to waste.