Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Here Now

Today, I woke up perfectly in time with the coffee machine. At least that is starting to work in my favor. I have begun to tell myself that I have the commute into SF all figured out. Each day I leave earlier and earlier. Yesterday was 5:50am. I will shave a few minutes off of that again this morning. Time is all that there is left. I wish to spend as little of it as possible in traffic.

I came home from work yesterday and fell asleep for two hours, waking after 7pm; just in time to see Rhys going to sleep, smiling. 

Yesterday morning, on the drive in, the sun was rising with the sliver of the moon ascending just ahead of it. The entire sphere was illuminated enough to be detected, the earth's own reflection bouncing onto its unlit surface and then back again. Today is the new moon. There is a total solar eclipse, though visible to very few. It will occur far south of us, starting in the early afternoon, shading remote shores of Australia for a brief while.

I stepped out of the car to take a picture early yesterday morning, risking precious minutes, cars passing me in the great race to arrive employed. I forgot to adjust the ISO on my camera and all of the pictures came out blurred, with many moons dancing, the shutter time being too long to be of much use. I knew it was happening but did nothing to adjust it. I jumped back in the car and raced off, obsessed with speed to pass those who had overtaken me.

I frequently have difficulties focusing on the thing that I am doing. My thoughts are too often in the future or in the past, somewhere ahead of the sun or far behind it, stuck in traffic.