Sunday, July 29, 2012

Time delay

Technical difficulties. The night did not go well for me.  It was nobody's fault but it made dj'ing very difficult, perhaps I'll explain in a later post.  Now I am up past noon and wish I was sleeping. I am not quite ready to go to bed yet.  It is peaceful and I am enjoying it as an antidote to last night.  I think I'm simply too old for nightclubbing.  Some of the people have begun to annoy me beyond what I can stand.  Most people, I assume, hit that stage in their late 20's.  There are others of us who did not.  I might finally be there now.

Oh well, the country was beautiful even though it was overcast much of the time that I was here.  I didn't get to do a few of the things that I had hoped to, but I did other things.  

Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I will remember to write about the pilgrimage to the basilica.  It is a phenomenon of interest.

Until then.