Monday, July 30, 2012

Fu*k Houston

I'm coming home.  

Ok, I have started to like posting without finding a picture.  I've gotten used to it, anyway.  

I've decided that I will return to Costa Rica and dj again. There were problems that made the night unacceptable, but those can be fixed.  It was heartbreaking and I did not accept it well at all.  I acted like a petulant child trapped in the body of an overfed albino ogre, one that has been forced to find another bridge to live under in an unfamiliar part of the hamlet.  I will post some pictures and you will see for yourselves.  It was hideous.  I'm surprised that I didn't choke a transvestite that was offering helpful advice to me at the top of "her" lungs.  

No more time to write today, not able to post a picture, nothing more.  

It all really is that easy, except for connecting through Houston.

Ciao, ticos y ticas.