Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Ever

I have no idea where the 21st century has gone.  The first decade went.  I barely felt the breeze of it as it was passing by.

Time is accelerating for me.  It is mathematical.  Each year represents less of a portion of my life, so my sense of time passing is ever diminished.  More than half of my life is over.  When one considers the richness of youth it could be said that much more than half has passed.  I suppose it depends on how you look at things.  But no matter how you look at things, nothing changes.

They say that time flies. It does. It also never stops to refuel. Time never tires. Time should start an airline.

Sometimes I wake up and a month or more has passed.  Sometimes I wake up and it is a new decade.

Sometimes I wake up and it is many, many years in the past. I find myself looking at old pictures, questing through the lives of others, driving through the years, listening to the am radio, into the sepia smiles of that ever was...

Sometimes I wake up and it is just the tomorrow I knew it would be... all dancing in the diner gone for good, gone for now.