Sunday, December 12, 2010

protected with plastic...

It is raining in New York today. Neither myself nor my wife want to walk the dog.  I dream of ways to not go to work. The only flowers left in the city are inside shops or protected with plastic at corner deli's. The city has begun its grey march past the fall and headlong into winter.  The first snow fell and soon there will be slush and ice to contend with.

Soon I will need to purchase some photo editing software also. I have Aperture, I've been told Lightroom is the one to get, and eventually Photoshop, CS5, etc.  Though none of them, I think, will allow me to do this... There is still much to learn about photography but it's time that I started learning how to better manipulate the images I have.  I will need a new computer for this as well, of course.  Perhaps a new pair of glasses, a better chair to sit in, a strong cup of expresso.... or two.

For now I am relying on low f-stops to produce the images I like.  Blurry, Expressionistic views of the background, with singular points of focus.  I like everything at f1.4 now that I can get there, I was at f2.0 with my previous camera, soon I will seek an f1.0 lens.  The more I get into photography the more I am impressed with the human eye.  Even my fading ones can still produce some magic. The recognition of subtle gradations of color alone is enough to make one wonder.  I become more and more impressed with digital photography but my buddy at cafeselavy makes a strong argument for polaroids and studio space, and yet even more needs.  There is no end to it.

I have still yet to purchase a camera bag for my new camera.  I've been told that humidity is to be fought with packs of silica.  For now I am fighting humidity with staying inside my apartment, reading the manual to the camera.

Ok, nothing else to say here, though I did find this odd note in my phone...

Overheard in a NYC nightclub: "I  could be at a club in Europe where girls would shit on my ass."

Europe is a land of many, many wonders.  The stereotype of "The Ugly American" has been reversed somewhat in that now even moderately affluent Europeans are able to travel to America, which is slowly decaying the idea of the sophisticated European and giving way to the other type.  Fewer Americans can afford to travel to Europe with the decaying strength of the dollar, and so we become the lucky recipient of Europe's middle classes, here to project their ideas upon us with renewed continental enthusiasm.  I'm certain there are places here where one might have a girl shit on their ass as well, I'm just not sure where to direct somebody for such a thing.

I have somehow lost touch with the heartbeat of my people.