Monday, March 12, 2018

LA >> SF >> Sonoma

We return to Sonoma today, via SF. Yesterday, there was a late lunch and then time by the hotel pool, into the early evening. Some friends came by, we chatted and drank champagne. I swam with the boy for a little while, jumping into the water with him on my back. He and I love swimming. We also loved swimming last year and the year before. The offense of reliving old experiences, as CS has accused me this morning. He hates anything that sounds like pleasure derived from someone else's past. Maybe he's right.

It's true. I am a bit nostalgic for some people, places, music, and even the occasional old movie. I enjoy seeing people that I like and I tend to like the people that have remained in my life more than those that haven't. It is the sin of fondness. It's curable, but perhaps only with age. 

LA was good. It was a nice weekend. The death which was the cause of our trip was very unfortunate, of course, but seeing friends was pleasant. Have I already said that? Perhaps I am becoming a bit sentimental for saying things twice.

I'm looking forward to the drive. I know.... There must be something wrong with me, but I also like driving. Perhaps I am romanticizing road trips a bit. I love the loose, extended narrative of the road. Talking away as the earth slips by under the wheels as a hum. Not a billboard in site. Just the open, rolling, golden land and us. 400 miles of it.

We'll make sure to listen to music we've never heard before, see how long that lasts.