Monday, September 4, 2017

Valley of the Rave

I went and picked up my friend Cato from the city yesterday. We had no real plan in place except to have dinner with the boy - some sushi, chicken, and wine. Then my buddy Regan texted. She was in Petaluma house-sitting, so we decided to have an impromptu rave at my apartment. She came over and set up het dj rig. I ran to the store to get more wine. We were off and raving. 

I think it was called Kratom. It was disgusting to taste. I was told that it would make me feel "warm and fuzzy..." The other side effects of it - sedation, nausea, sweating, dry mouth, increased urination, loss of appetite, itching, and constipation - were not mentioned. Those all arrived this morning. Or, I could be hungover. 

Either way, I'm sitting on the couch now, looking forward to tomorrow, in the hopes that I'll feel better than I do today. 

I gave up early and went to bed before the rave was over, a first. 

I suppose I could convince Cato to go get a beer now. This was all his fault, though there's no way to transfer this feeling to him where it belongs, as a reward for his encouragements towards drinking and imbibing the demonic Kratom. 

The hair of the dog doesn't work, though. Or, it does, but only for about an hour. After an hour of drinking I am already working on ruining the following day, with no one left to blame.