Sunday, September 24, 2017

America, the gloriest of holes

A lost Sunday, nothing to report. A lazy day spent mostly relaxing. 

There is much hue and cry over NFL players kneeling for the national anthem today to protest police violence and injustice against people of color. In this, many see disrespect for our military, or perhaps for the nation itself. 

We are told that this expressive political act somehow harms those who have fought for our liberty. Or that maybe it hurts cops feelings, and pride is an important part of what they need to feel to conduct themselves authoritatively. 

This country has ceased being worthy of such defensiveness. Any nation that can elect a person like Trump to the presidency, and then allow him to stay in office after his continued racist behavior proves him to be perpetually unfit, is not worth standing or singing or fighting or arguing for any more. We elected a president that genuinely reflects just how ignorant and bigoted we are as a people. It must be so difficult for Trump right now, the poor guy...  you know if he could he would want to decree an all white American football league. 

All of my cracker friends excitedly agree, Trump was just what America needed. 

The Star Spangled Banner is a terrible song, and fuck that abysmal pledge of convenience, also.

Somehow peacefully kneeling to a song no longer fits within the scope of acceptable freedoms. 

Who knows, maybe some of those second amendment people can do something about it.