Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pirates, daddy, pirates!

"Did pirates make this music?" - Rhys, this morning in the car, listening to Tom Waits' Rain Dogs.

"Yes buddy, in a sense, it was made by pirates."

Okay, so what? I have been digging through old pictures. 

Don't look at me... don't look at me...

I like that I am documenting my life now. Decades passed with no record beyond my systematically blurred recollections. It helps arrange the memories around an organizing principle: time. I can tell how long ago some events were now, when I inspect the metadata.

Speaking of, I've spent too much of my time today arguing with experts on police brutality. One way that you can determine that conservatives are wrong with everything they think and say and do: cops will agree with them on all social issues. With liberals it's never quite as easy. Let them talk enough and nobody will ever get to agree again.