Saturday, January 17, 2015

Radical Price Restructuring

(The Two-Hearted Space Capsules)

I don't like waking up. It doesn't feel as nice as it used to. I know why. We all know why. I can't seem to let it go. Trifling wretchedness has long been my preferred subject.

Waking up with somebody in whom you are in love is the best way to live, if you can sustain it. Morning sex is healthy, we're told, but it is other things, also.

I've been looking at photo-gear sales sites again... I see a new prime lens in my future. My old lens, while great on a crop-framed camera, has too much vignetting for me now. It is absurd, my willingness to spend nearly $500 to get a slight improvement in image quality at wide-open apertures. I rarely like to shoot stopped-down past f2.0, or maybe f2.8, where most optical aberrations improve dramatically.

That's what a hobby is all about. It distracts us from death, decay.

I am planning a trip in the early summer. Bellingham, WA. Also, NYC a month before that, in spring. There is Greek Easter and a baptism to attend. I will go and express my reverence for ritual. Also, I have not had lamb the way that it is intended in far too long. I had hoped to go to Florida this month, but coordinating the elderly towards a cohesive travel plan became far too great a task.

I finally got the newish Blonde Redhead album.... Wow, do I miss weekends lying around listening to music like that. 

That, and Samaris. 

Perhaps instead of a new lens... a bagful of powdered ecstasy should be my sole dream and vision. Is that stuff still illegal. Good gods, I hope not. Have we learned nothing at all? I would not advocate nor advertise illicit behavior here, of course, but...

Burning Man pre-sale tickets go on sale soon for the low-low price of $800. Regular tickets will go on sale some time later, for $390, if there are any left. That should resolve any lingering questions about the nature of that organization. They have acted precisely as any other religion does. If you want a guaranteed spot on the playa then there are indulgences to be paid. Eternal infrastructure is not cheap, you see.

Ah well, it was fun while it blasted. I am content that I went last year. It was all well worth it. One must be careful though, its defenders are radical fanatics, and I'll probably go again this year, anyway... I need to curb my critiques. 

Nobody likes the sweaty, fat, white guy that doesn't want to be there, gibbering about past personal preferences and the ever increasing costs of participation.

One must always possess a sense of humor about such things. Without amusement gleaned from absurdity there remains only the hum of nothingness, and the sound of some nuisance distractedly complaining in the distance.